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About us

Provision of a fortfait service

Montest aims to provide a fortfait service in the assembly of precast concrete structures, providing to their customers a structure able to assume major challenges on his area.

Endowed with a staff with extensive experience and specialized erection teams, MONTEST differentiates itself by offering its customers the solution to theis projects, with the accuracy and quality required and compliance with deadlines, encompassing a coordinated manner the available media that constitute the GrupoTAGAR.

Montest stands out for offering its customers the sollution for their projects with rigor and quality


Quality assurance

Montest is able to develop its activity with a high level of quality, ensuring compliance with all the required safety standards, offering its customers the following services

  • Preparation, coordination and management of prefabricated concrete projects
  • Lifting and handling of prefabricated concrete elements
  • Application of mastics
  • Surface treatment and painting of prefabricated elements in concrete
  • Dismantling of prefabricated concrete structures

Services that ensure compliance with all safety standards

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Zona Industrial da Mota
Rua 7, Lote A22
3830-527 Gafanha da Encarnação
Ílhavo. Portugal